One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

I'm sure some of you have noticed I haven't been blogging this week. I had bought my own domain, and had started building a new website through iPage. When I tried to set up my blog the RSS feed wasn't working and their tech support has been working on it for over a week now and it's still not fixed.

The category buttons on the support page didn't work either and I had to use my Geek Squad account to fix that issue since the iPage tech support couldn't get it fixed. Plus, today when I went to log onto iPage, their server was down. It was just not worth the money I was paying for it.

So now I'm start to build a new site again. I haven't hooked the domain to this page yet but I will get to that tomorrow night. I wanted to make sure this was going to do everything I wanted before I paid for it. I do not want to start over again.

I have a test tomorrow and if I pass I will have a second job. I will be teaching English to students in China via the internet. I've done one test so far and passed and if I pass two more I start teaching. I get to set my own schedule and can work as much as I want and only have to work 7.5 hours a week so I will have plenty of time to write ... until my class starts up again in November. When that happens I'll be lucky to sleep.

I keep feeling like I'm taking one step forward and then two steps back. If this keeps up, I'll be doing a cha cha in no time.

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