The New Cover Art is Slowly Showing Up

It looks like the new cover art is slowly starting to filter through the websites. All but one is showing up on my author page on Amazon and I'm still just waiting for the paperbacks to change on Barnes and Noble's website.

The cover art for Into the West: Sharon Springs is almost finished, I'm learning more and more about using my video clip ad software, and I've got my weekend cleared for writing. Things are moving in the right direction . . . finally . . . again.

I'm really liking this advertising app. It's Ripl. It is so easy to use and has so many options. You can even make several ads at one time and then schedule when you want them to be posted to your social media. I plan on making several different ads this weekend and set them up to post throughout the next week to try out the schedule function. So far its worked great.

I hope to be able to give a few spoilers on Monday for those who are interested in such things. So keep watching the blogs.

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