New Edits Coming

I don't know what got into me. I decided to reread Into the West:The Orphan Train and Into the West: A New Home before I started the hard push on writing Into the West: Sharon Springs this weekend. My intention was just to do another check for typos while I read but ended up adding a few scenes.

I did not plan to flesh out the story anymore but I think it really rounds out the characters even better. If you have the ebook versions, you will be able to download the new edits as soon as I get them uploaded, if you are interested. However, if you only purchased the print version, you would have to purchase the print version again to get the updates.

I do have a proposal for those who only bought the book in print form.

I don't want you to have to purchase the books again (that is a lie, I'd love to have you buy a case of books and give them to all of your friends but I'm realistic) unless you want to have the new cover art as well. If you only purchased the print version, and would like to read the new edits, just take a photo of yourself holding your copy of my book then post it on my Facebook page.

I will contact you when the new edits are live and send you a PDF copy of the new edits for free. Or you can wait until Into the West: Sharon Springs goes on sale and I will have a weekend give away for Into the West: The Orphan Train to help publicize the release of part three. You will be able to download a free Nook and/or Kindle version (if I can figure out how to set up the Nook giveaway. I haven't checked into that yet.)

I hope to read Into the West: A New Home by Friday so I can spend the weekend getting a jump start into writing Into the West: Sharon Springs (FINALLY, right?! I know!)

Thanks for hanging on with me. It is much appreciated. I hope to always be worthy of my readers loyalty.



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