Take Two!

I just finished editing my entry again for the next group project with Scott Harris. For some reason this piece was more of a challenge for me. I'm hoping it will be well received but now I need to switch my thoughts back to Into the West: Sharon Springs.

At the end of Into the West: A New Home, Mrs. Kelly says she will agree to separating Conner and Elizabeth but now we have to find out if it actually happens. I am backing the story up like I did at the beginning of Into the West: A New Home and covering the story again but from the point of view of another character.

I like doing this to give more prospective on what is going on behind the actions of some of the other character. Why would Tim Ruth come alone to a meeting about adopting a child? You would think that is something the whole family would want to be there for, or at the very least, his wife would want to go too.

What made Doc Pete decide to speak up and offer to adopt Conner? What had he and his wife talked about the night before that led him to do this without her there with him? These things call all be answered by going back and covering some of the same time again from these characters point of view but which one will it be? You will have to read Into the West: Sharon Springs to find out.

Don't forget to join the Members Only page to get entered to win and autographed copy of the special edition of Into the West: A New Home. Check the Contest & Bribes page for details.

Thanks for following along on my journey. It's crazy, fun, scary, but amazing all at the same time. Thanks for sharing it with me.


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