It was a Very Good Day!

Hello everyone. I had a great day. If you saw the video Dianne posted on Facebook, You already know I had a meeting today with the local library. My books are available for the ebook lending program but I really wanted to get some physical books on the shelves.

When I went in, I gave the director two free copies of my books for the library. He was very nice and started off saying he would be happy to support a local author and put a display table up for me in December and leave it up for a week. Well, I thanked him for that and just kept talking about my books and my unique challenges being a brain damaged writer and by the end of the meeting I agreed to bring him two more books for the library and he offered to have the display up for four weeks.

This weekend they are having their semi-annual book sale. They get hundreds of people in the library for this event. I decided that I'm going to print up a bunch of the book bags and fill them with my promotional material and donate them to the book sale. I bought stickers tonight so I can put tags on everything saying "local author."

I'm hoping this will generate some interest in my work. But even if it doesn't. I sure am enjoying myself right now.

Keep watching for contest updates. I plan to post something about the next one on Thanksgiving Day.

Thanks for following my crazy life posse!


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