Hello Posse,

I just wanted to share the good news. I just finished the next chapter in Into the West: Sharon Springs. I think I can wrap up this storyline in two maybe three chapters. I'm going to get going on the next one here tonight after dinner.

This chapter I just finished took longer than I expected. i thought I would have it done last Sunday night but i got stuck on some dialog. I finally got it all worked out this afternoon. WIth any luck, i can still meet my plan to finish this book this week. Thought tomorrow will be a bit of a bust for writing, it's P.R.'s birthday.

I will decorate tonight after P.R. goes to bed so everything is up in the morning when P.R. gets up. Then tomorrow afternoon I'll be making P.R.'s cake. I have always made them from scratch since we met. I'm convinced that is in part why P.R. married me.

But for tonight, I'm going to take a little break and then get right back at it until the wee hours again. I've actually been fading a lot earlier than usual lately. Normally I'm up until 3 or 4 am when I'm writing but recently I've started falling asleep at the keyboard around 2 am. Must be old age finally taking hold of me. That or not nearly enough coffee in my diet.

If you want to send P.R. a birthday message you can go to my Facebook page and post one on my timeline. P.R. always reads the posts.

For now, take care posse and I'll keep you up to date on when this next installment is finished and online.

With heartfelt regards,


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