Monday Movie Madness: The Lost Episode!

Hello Posse!

Well, i did it again. I totally lost track to days. I forgot today is Monday and I had a blog to write. The good news is; I spent the day working on part five of the Into the West Saga Serial. I finally bought the photo I will be using for the cover and am ready to finalize the cover this week, if I can decide on the rest of the name for this book, that is. I might have you all help me with that this Wednesday.

I should warn you, there are some big things going on with my family at the moment and I will most likely be pretty scatterbrained until at least next week sometime, if we are lucky. If we aren't lucky, it could last longer. I will let you all know more later when I know more. Suffice it to say, it is hard to deal with big family issues when you and your family are on opposite sides of the world, especially during a pandemic when travel is banned between the two countries. All you can do is sit on your side of the world and pray for good news. So please, bear with me.

This Wednesday will be another twofer with the Monday Movie Madness and Whatever Wednesday mashed up again. I promise It will get done. In the mean time, today is National Waffle Day! so why not check out the video below from the Stay At Home Chef and learn how to make perfect homemade waffles! Try topping them with bourbon vanilla ice cream, fresh strawberries, and a little whipped cream for a perfectly decadent treat!



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