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Whatever Wednesday: Promotional Items

Hello Posse!

Guess what I forgot to do until just now? Yep, finish writing the Wednesday blog. I had it all set up to talk about promotional items because I wanted to get some feedback from all of you as to whether or not it would be worth setting up another store, I just forgot to finish it until now. At least it is still Wednesday in the U.S., but here in Germany it is about 2 a.m. Thursday morning. I'm still going to count this as a Wednesday post.

You might have seen that a few months ago, I had set up lots of designs for promotional items with a company that would print things on demand. There was no overhead or stock to carry so I thought this would be the best option right now. It's hard enough getting people to buy my books, let alone supporting merchandise, but I had decided to give it a shot anyway. After I got the store all set up and was ready to offer these things to you all, the company changed their set up and wiped out all of my designs. I would have to set up the store and merchandise designs all over again if I wanted to keep the online store.

So my questions are, as a reader do you have any interest in these kinds of items?

Would it be worth my time to set it all up again?

I have no trouble putting in the time and the work, I just want to know it will have, at least, a modest payoff. You can see some of the things here I had planned to offer. Things like books bags, glasses, T-Shirts, the basics. At some point, I will offer audiobooks. When I finish the last book, I am going to go back and do the audiobooks for the entire serial in one shot. I still need some equipment to do a really good job of it. I could do them now, but I do not want to do less than my best effort for you all. You deserve nothing less than the best I can do!

So please, give me some feedback. I would love to hear from you. Your opinion matters a great deal!



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